Protect your online privacy with our temporary mobile numbers

What is a temporary phone number?

At its simplest, a masked or temporary phone number is a telephone number that you use instead of your actual mobile number.

There are several reasons you’d want to do this, but the main reason for a user to send, or receive, a call or text from a number that’s not their actual number behind the call, is to simply hide or protect their identity until they know the person who is calling or texting them.

Why use a temporary phone number?

Most people use temporary or virtual numbers to hide their real phone number for whatever reason, whether it is from someone they have met socially who is hassling them for a number, a dating site where they don’t want anyone to find out their real number and stalk them, or authenticate themselves online on sites like Whatsapp or Tinder where they just don’t want to give their number out.

People who work from home or sell online will often use temporary numbers to help separate their home communications from their business life. And because we offer multiple numbers tied back to one original number, it is possible with us to have as many numbers as you want and use them for different aspects of your personal or business life.


Why use our temporary phone numbers?

With our unique service we will supply you with a your own masked mobile phone number that you can give to anyone when asked. When they text or call that number you will be able to text back or answer their call on your phone just as normal.

When you get back in touch with them they will see the call or message coming from your temporary number and will be none the wiser.

There is no need for you to download an app; you can phone or text, confident in knowing that you are protecting your online identity. We don’t use VOIP we use real mobile numbers and we do not spoof or hide the caller id. 

Think of us as your Paypal for your online identity. Like them, we help your do business with anyone; they protect your bank account details, we protect your real phone numbers and protect your privacy at the same time.

Our service is going fully live March- April 2019. However, we will be releasing a few numbers per day between now and when we go live. 


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