pro-immigration rally London

London Protests – a photo essay

Simon Bowes-Charles

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Simon Bowes-Charles

A selection of protest photos covering pro immigration, Black Lives Matter and anti-austerity protests, I have taken over the last year or so in London.

The photo of the people dressed in black is of members of the EDL at Trafalgar square tube station. There were about 10 of them. They were covering the faces and preparing to run out into the crowd of protestors, but I managed to get a few shots of their faces, they chased me instead out of the tube station and then decided to call it a day and decamped to a pub.

The two photos at the bottom are of a #BlackLivesMatter protest outside the old US Embassy in London. The three guys in silhouette beneath the US flag were embassy security guards watching out over the peaceful protest in the public gardens in front of the embassy.