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Wheelchair user is forced to ‘wet himself’

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A young Nottinghamshire wheelchair user, says he was “forced to wet” himself when he was left at a bus shelter for an hour, as he tried to return back to his residential college close to Ravenshead.

The music college student said three Pronto buses refused to stop for him, and in the end he had to wet himself because he couldn’t wait any longer. He said he felt dehumanised and embarrassed by what happened. Especially since there was a woman sitting next to him.

He claimed that “One of the drivers opened the door to the bus and just said no, even though there was space on the bus for a wheelchair”.

Stage Coach, the bus company responsible for running the service in the East Midlands, has written to Mr McDade, the student to apologise, after they checked CCTV footage from the buses involved.

It has said, that it is now interviewing the drivers concerned, under its formal disciplinary procedures.