As journalists we would all love to break the big news stories, change the world and get the glory and the awards. But, at the end of the day, what matters to most people are the small stories, the local news and holding local councillors and politicians to account.

There are lots of local newspapers in the UK, most owned by just a few companies. We are totally independent and totally different. was founded by our editor Simon Bowes-Charles with the goal of reporting on the local Yorkshire news stories, life-style items and politics in clear and concise English.

We want to give you the news on what matters to you, but with no pop-ups, pop-unders and never-ending ads or demands for your email address. We think all of this gets in the way of the news story itself. We just tell you the story as it is.

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Alternatively, the contact information of our editor is:

Simon Bowes-Charles

Busara Ltd, 10 Lincoln Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire  


Phone: +44 7305 983 577